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One of the amazing advantages about working in the web and graphic design industry is that you don’t need to be physically based in any one location to carry out a project. As long as you have an Internet connection and the hardware and software available to carry out the job, you can work from practically anywhere.

A downside to this is keeping up communications with work colleagues. Email and telephone communication is sufficient to an extent but makes hard work of keeping track and managing project developments.

At Pixel Junction, we’ve found a great solution to overcome this communication barrier – the WordPress P2 Theme which we refer to as the Development Log in-house.

Let me explain in more detail…

The downside to email communication is that it doesn’t provide a full overview of a conversation or project. You can spend so much time searching through email records and history in an attempt to locate a piece of information that was communicated during a project.

A much more efficient approach would be a means of logging and tracking project developments, questions, to-do-lists and ideas for each client in one central access area which could then be referred to easily at any stage during a project. It would be even more beneficial if the logged information was then synced between users via RSS, email and realtime on screen updates. This is where the WordPress P2 Theme comes into play.

The P2 Theme as it says on the P2 website turns your blog or website into a super-blog! It does away with the need for accessing the dashboard in WordPress and allows you to easily edit and create content inline and live on the front end of the site. You can even upload documents and image files directly on the front end without the need to go into the WordPress dashboard. Keeping up to date with posted content is also made easy. Like all WordPress websites, your content has RSS feeds for posts, comments and even tags allowing for work colleagues to stay up to date with the projects they are working on.

We then took the Development Log one step further by integrating Simon Wheatley’s Email Alerts Plugin with the P2 Theme. The plugin allows for email alerts to be sent to users when new content is posted to the Development Log.

In terms of project development logging, the P2 WordPress Theme has greatly improved the way we operate at Pixel Junction by making day-to-day project management run much more smoothly and efficiently.

Please get in touch for more information on integrating a P2 WordPress Theme Development Log into your business – it really does make life easier!

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